Be the leader you can be - module 1

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My boss put me forward to participate in a course called Be The Leader You Can Be, which is run by the folks at Our trainer introduced us to the concept of FED:

Growing your leadership covered three things:

John shared a Peter Drucker quote:

the first job of energy leader is to manage their own energy and then to help lead the energy of others

The group discussed the quote and keywords and phrases that came up were authenticity, honesty, ernegy is contagious, channel your energy, consider where your energy is sourced, e.g. home, social, work. John broadened the definition of energy by describing 4 types of energy and to consider these energies when making change:

A group member made the point that depending on the context, it doesn't hold true that the energies can be easily categorised into positive or negative. E.g. in a prison context, you do not want to show your vulnerable side to prisoners.

We also talked about how an energy can dominate an organisation to its detriment. Leadership is required to create a space to introduce other energies.

Then we switched to 3 modes and discussed the differences between the modes:

First jobs tend to be operator mode. Mine was a paper boy. I had well-bounded responsibility, knew exactly what I needed to do and when, performance was easy to measure,