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Pagham for a weekend

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Pagham is on the south coast. There's a nature reserve, a lagoon and a shingle beach. Somersaulting wind surfers put on a great display. The wind on West Wittering beach made for easy kite flying.

Made it back to the caravan as the weather turned. Listened to the Voyage to Brobdingnag, Gulliver's Travels.

Littlehampton sea front for 3 hours, wet at the start, a decent sunset at the end.

A quick recce to Bignor Hill car park to plan for a later star gaze. Half light to the west, dark to the east. Saw the moon peep over the hill, so we ran up the top and were treated to a harvest moon, which the boy noted was pumpkin colour. It was halloween as well. This episode of Ramblings describes a night walk at full moon from Amberley to Bignor Hill via the South Downs way.

Next day, segway session, cleared caravan, afternoon tea for lunch in Amberley and a walk along the River Arun.

Current listening, October 2020

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This week, I've been off work. I have more time to listen to things. Since the first lockdown, I've lost the 2 hours a day commutting with headphones on. That's about 240 hours over 6 months! Lots that I've missed. And I'm driving less. Listening time happens when I walk and when I'm at the gym, rarely when I'm sitting passively at home. Watching YouTube or TV gets me listening at home.

BBC stuff:

Noteworthy new music to my ears:

New releases:

  • Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez, a compilation of the tracks Gorillaz have released over the last year.
  • Alice in Wonderland by Nahre Sol. Stunning piano player. She has a great Youtube channel. But nothing making me want to listen a second time. I was reminded of Lubomyr Melnyk as I listened to some of her arpeggio pieces. Melnyk's music truly captivates and is hypnotic. I saw him play once at the Royal Festival Hall.